03 April 2011

bila rasa sedih : i wish ----

i wish to have someone beside me

when i'm sad
when i'm happy
when i'm feel down
when i'm depressed
when i'm feel lonely

to give me support
to give me advice
to give me happiness

i wish to have someone special in my life

to be my friend
to be my bestfriend
to be my a good listener
for whatever i feel and faced

i wish that someone that i want
is the someone that i loved and cared

and he will be mine forever n ever

i wish to have someone

to guide me
to laugh and cry with me
to go through the whole life with me

i want 'you' be with me


  1. i do really wants someone beside me too.....=))

  2. selagi kita sabar . insya Allah akan jd kenyataan

  3. jangan risau sis!tak mau sedih2 kitorang semua ada tau!slm perkenalan ye!


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