09 November 2012

Not so cruel enough :)

Assalamualaikum (",)

there is a lot of things happened today and a lot of things been learned as well . some time they're look so educated but in real time, u'll be know the reality exactly . in other words, everyone should be worried with their own assignment . ALL !! especially the grouping one . coz this is about all commitment and your mark will be the same with all your group members even though you're not cooperate enough . 

unless your name will be excluded form the list . but I'm not that cruel or not cruel enough . coz, i dont want to see u failed this subject like me . so please be thankful for everyone . your friend your friend your friend .

aku tahu, aku pon tak la perfect mana . but i'm keep trying to be the best , do the best one among the best . coz i've already know, kalau aku tak usaha, no one yang akan bantu . kita cuba sedaya upaya melakukan dengan penuh dedikasi . tapi selalunya mesti ada yang hanya 'lihat dan pergi' . aku cuba untuk faham semua orang especially u u u . 

pengajaran hari ini . jangan jadi terlalu baik kepada semua orang !

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