19 November 2014

be positive

Assalamualaikum (",)

menjadi seorang yang positif bukannya mudah. tetapi mencuba menjadi yang positif itu lebih baik. kehidupan ni kalau selalu rasa susah memang akan susah. yeahhhh. that is our choice is it? so macam mana eh nak jadi positive?

i'm just want to share 3 ways how to be positive.

1- avoid negative influences. but.... how?
okay. this is very simple. i'm not asking you to forget or throw your friend. but in friendship u might have one or two or three bff which mean bestfriend forever that u are close to. am i right? once again i said, your choice is in your hand. choose friends wisely. choose the one you confortable with. always gives you advice, motivation words and support you. not only during you are happy but during your unhappy situations.

2- replace negative thought with positive ones.
see, noneed more explainantion. but still i want to make it clear to you. have u feel or experienced that, you dont get what you want. so, u feel so sad, frustrated, do you? ahaaaaaa... replace your negative thought with positive ones. we get what we need, not what we want. think about gaining the valuable experience. theres no sense in worrying about the negative if they cannot be changed at all. if wevwaste energy and happiness on thebthings we cant change, we'll only make ourselves more frustrated.

3- Appreciate as much as you can.
or in simple word we call syukur, blessed. everything happened for a reason. go throught it, experienced it, make it as a gift from god to you. take it as a challenged. either happy or not everything is on you. but in order to happy with it, but still u have to put more effort to be a better person. dont just accept, accept and accept again.

so, there is three ways to be positive. thanks for reading. this is my special topic fornmy presetation skill. thank you


  1. nice sharing sis ^^ setuju sangat dgn first point tu.. sesetengah kawan mmg bagi pengaruh buruk dekat kita.


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